Feast of Tabernacles 2020




OCTOBER 2nd -9th, 2020




Welcome to the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. Roll away the reproach of my people! Is the great Feast of Tabernacles designed to answer to the Great Tribulation? Great Question. We are seeing a pattern that God gave at the beginning of time when he placed the sun, moon and stars for signs and SEASONS. As you know the word seasons is referring to the Moed, or the appointed feast days. This is a great mystery that will be explored during the feast, however for now, could it be that Gods calling to the Feast days are intrinsic to His protection around His people? In other words, the Feasts of the Lord may be connected to the timing of being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people right now! 

How can we possibly comprehend the depth and riches of this great Feast without a divine revelation shining through the darkness into our hearts? Our Father so deeply desires an intimate encounter with His children. We are coming up to the Feast for such an encounter and are willing to put aside all programs, props, bells and whistles for a moment with the King.

For eight days we will have ample opportunity to discover the deep things of the Spirit of God, and to seek after Him without the distractions of the world’s pull and control and its demand for our attention. Yes, for eight days we have been called to celebrate and worship the LORD. I am so blessed to be a part of this glorious Feast and to have the opportunity to meet with you and spend quality time together with my family, the family of God. I hope that you too are excited to be a part of what the Lord has called forth from before time, a Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. I can hardly express the intense and weighty revelation that will be imparted as one saint after another will release the secret wisdom of the Fathers heart during the Feast. An extravagant and expressive form of worship will open the door into the unlimited realm of Gods Glory. Are you ready? Well let’s get this party started!


Pastor Vincent Xavier


NOTE: Every weekday begins at 10:00am at the ARK. The address is 8030 LACROIX RD. Decatur, Ar. 72722 Also, every evening service will begin at the worship center in Bella Vista at 6:30pm. The address is 2262 Forest hills Blvd, Bella Vista, Ar. 72715 


Schedueled Speakers and times:

FRIDAY OCTOBER 2nd:     6:30pm Pastor Vincent and Patricia Xavier 

SATURDAY OCTOBER 3rd: 6:30pm Vincent Xavier

SUNDAY OCTOBER: 4th:   6:30pm Pastor Patricia Joy Xavier

MONDAY OCTOBER:  5th: 9:30am Pastor Ken Wagner

MONDAY OCTOBER 5th:   6:30pm Pastor Kevin Honeycutt

TUESDAY OCTOBER 6th:  9:30am Pastor Michael Michael Villarin 

TUESDAY OCTOBER 6th:  6:30pm Pastor David Obenaur

WED  OCTOBER      7th:  9:30am Pastor Kevin Honeycutt

WED OCTOBER       7th:  6:30pm Pastor Vincent Xavier

THURS. OCTOBER   8th:  9:30am Pastor Victoria Obenaur

THURS. OCTOBER   8th:  6:30pm Pastor David Obenaur


FRIDAY OCTOBER   9th:   6:30pm Pastor Vincent Xavier