Feast of Tabernacles 2021






Welcome to New Wine Ministries Feast of Tabernacles 2021. This year we hear the Lord saying; "THIS IS THE YEAR OF DELIVERANCE" We could not agree more with what the Spirit is saying to those who would come up to celebrate the lords great Feast of Tabernacles! The desire of our Heavenly Father is to set the captives free, and while there has been a great work of deliverance in the earth we are believing that the final touches are about to be applied to the soul of those who would honor the king. 

The Bride of Christ must resemble the Bridegroom in nature! He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, say's the Apostle Paul and it is to this end that the Bride must receive a full dose of divine glory in order to escape the gravity of the world, flesh and devils. A divine touch of supernatural anointing and glory will break the yokes, release the cords that bind and recover all that has been lost or stolen. It is a season of Deliverance and Recovery. 

All saints must position themselves to receive this divine grace, and what better place to be positioned to receive than at the Feast Of Tabernacles? Because this is the Lords Feast we are confident He will provide what He promises. So come up to the Feast and celebrate the complete Victory of the cross and the Christ of the Cross and become more aware of His desired purpose for you to be conformed into His image. Oh words cannot express what the Spirit is about to do in this dark hour upon the earth, but He is revealing it to us, that something great is being prepared. 

Great Blessings and Shalom, 

Pastor Vincent and Patricia Xavier


Monday September 20th 2021 The Feast begins at sunset at the ARK. Pastor Vincent will open the Feast with a special message from The Lord. Come hungry!

Tuesday Morning at 9:30am We will Gather at the Ark in Decatur. Bagels and coffee will be served. Afterwards a time of Praise and Worship then a special Word from one of our guest speakers. After the message Lunch will be served! Something new will be served everyday.

Tuesday Evening at Sunset We gather at the New Wine Ministry Center for an evening of Worship

Wednesday Morning we gather at the Ark. Turn up the volume!

Wednesday Evening We gather at the New Wine Ministry Center. Something special is in the air?

Thursday Morning we gather at the Ark. Glory and Grace will fill this place!

Thursday Evening we meet at the New Wine Ministry center. The atmosphere is soaked with the dew of His presence!

Friday morning we gather for our last time on the Ark. A great gift presented!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening we will gather at the New Wine Ministry Center. The Best is yet to come!

The Feast will conclude Monday September 27th after our morning gathering. You will return home full and overflowing! 


Monday Evening September 20th: Pastor Vincent Xavier

Tuesday Morning September 21st: Pastor Kevin Honeycutt 

Tuesday Evening September 21st: Pastor David Obenaur

Wednesday Morning September 22nd: Corporate Deliverance

Wednesday Evening September 22nd: Pastor Kevin Honeycutt

Thursday Morning September 23rd: Pastor Michael Villarin

Thursday Evening September 23rd: Pastor Melissa Fletcher

Friday Morning September 24th: Pastor Ken Wagner

Friday Evening September 24th: Pastor Kin Maddox

Saturday Evening September 25th: Pastor Patricia Xavier

Sunday Evening September 26th: Pastor Vincent Xavier

Monday Morning September 27th OUR FINAL GATHERING FOR THE FEAST



Tuesday thru Friday a light breakfast will be served for those who arrive early (between 8:30 and 9:00am)

Tuesday Thru Friday a Special lunch will be served at 1:00pm Each day will be something fresh and tasty