Patricia and I welcome you to our ministry and family. We have served the Lord together for twenty eight years and believe that we have only been in training for these last days. It is our hope that you, who are reading this article right now, would receive a great blessing in your life. It is our desire to see you blessed and prospering in the Lord, especially in these End Times. Yes, we believe we are living in the final countdown of the ages and that all things worldly are wrapping up and coming to an end. We believe there are certain events that must yet be played out on the world stage, and these events are near to taking place. 

You are here for a reason. God has chosen you to be alive at this most amazing time in the history of mankind. What is your purpose? What is your calling and assignment as an end time saint? We hope those questions will be answered in your life and that you will come to a place of understanding and knowing what His will is. 

There is no greater joy than to be useful to the Lord and perhaps be alive and remaining at His Appearing. Again, we hope this website will assist you in some special way as you journey towards the Celestial city and the great King, Jesus!